wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces and are attractive home additions for their looks and ability to reduce heating bills.


Like a piece of beauty, wood burning stoves increase in value with time. Houses having fireplaces and these stoves sell faster and for more money.

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Wood burning stoves

If you're in the market for a fireplace or wood burning stoves do some homework before purchase and installation.

There are a variety of wood burning stoves available in the market. Materials being used today for this purpose are ceramics, steels and many more.

Traditional cast-iron wood burning stoves and multi fuel fired stoves are still being used sometimes. They are sometimes more stylish! Also, cast iron proves to be an ideal material for this purpose.

Ceramic wood burning stoves look elegant. They are quite popularly used. They burn better and cleaning and maintenance is also easy. For construction, installation and renovation this site can be very useful.

Useful tips

When not installed properly, these Wood burning stoves can be a life-threatening hazard. We recommend you purchase a fireplace or wood burning stove that is labeled by an approved testing and inspection agency. Find the best interior location for the stove on your home. This can be discussed with your builder. This decision is usually based on the chimney's path.

Prior to winter season a professional chimney cleaning for safety and efficient burning is recommended. Also do regular cleaning of the firebox.