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Absolute Authority on Pro Tennis - Professional tennis player and coach provides collection of authorities, directories, news, products, and community.

Infoplease Tennis - Source for historic stats, bios and results.

4Tennis - Guide with links to players, tournaments like Wimbledon, game rules and glossary, tennis apparel and equipment.

Tennis Information - Listings categorised by associations, international, shopping, books, magazines, videos, news, tournaments, players, and travel.

Tennis Mundo - A collection of links arranged by topic, then by region. - Linked resources include Anna Kournikova posters, pro shop, pro players, tournaments. - Collection of links categorised into players, equipment, tournaments, organisations, and miscellaneous. - Tennis screensavers and PC stuff, freebies, tennisopedia, shop, clubs, news, money leaders, rackets and other gear, PC and video games, calendar, results, 126 tennis stars, 620 players links, tennis elbow, rules, tennis on TV, and betting.

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