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Access Place Sports - Sports news, almanacs, chat, games, and stores.

Adventure Sports Handbook - Information on adventure and extreme sports for land, water and air with links to providers, organizations, and equipment.

ALeague Sports - Directory including free sports web sites, news, chat, boards, email, polls, and games.

All Sports Directory - Sports related websites and information. - Where "Cops" meets "SportsCenter." Site keeps daily tabs on all the bad things athletes do.

Ball Sports - Link list for each sport.

Best of the Best - Directory of sports websites on the net.

Bill97 - Sports in 12 simple categories.

Black Hole of Links! - Pages on every major league team in baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Also college football and basketball, and newspaper sports sections.

Boogo - Links to more than 35 different sports.

The Boojum Tree - Health, fitness, exercise, individual and team sports.

Fan Sports - Sports directory, magazine and community. Each site listed has a ranking.

Helpful Recreations and Sports Resources - Hundreds of links to recreations, extreme sports and other sports sites on the web.

Information Please - Sports almanac facts, figures and scores. - A directory with links to a large number of sports sites.

KronishSports.Com - Links to pro and college teams, soccer teams, newspaper sports, radio sports and opinion polls.

LaddersOnline - Find golf, tennis, darts and billiards competition worldwide.

Link Athletics - Links to official sites of US professional, semi-professional, college, high school and youth sports teams.

Link-To-All-Sports - Guide to sports teams, schedules, local newspaper sports sections, internet radio and sports scores.

NetHead Sports - Directory, also including scores, news, tickers, chats and boards. - Guide to sports print media online, featuring English language sports magazines worldwide.

Rookie's Computers Sporting Links - Link list of various sports sites.

The Scoreboard News - The amateur sports source for tournament, event, camp, clinic and league information.

SearchSport - A directory and search engine for sports.

Searchsports - Human-reviewed sporting links, search facilities, newsletter and original contributions.

Seek a Sport - Links to sports teams, publications, and news, with a US focus. - Collections of links for multiple sports.

SPORTQuest - Virtual resource centre for sport information including categorized links, articles and focus areas.

Sports Babes at BabeSites - A comprehensive guide with links to female athletes, including Dorothy Hamill, Cory Everson, Martina Hingus, Mary Pierce, Katarina Witt, Anna Kournikova and Mia Hamm.

Sports Directory - Directory of official team websites for baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

Sports Free Stuff and Screen Savers - Directory of free sports stuff for your computer.

Sports Hermit - Organized link list of NFL and MLB sites.

Sports Hot Sheet - Directory of official sports web sites.

Sports IQ - Sports content, trivia, links, and free software.

The Sports Library - Sports information including sports books, leagues, magazines, networks, news and sports pages.

Sports Links - Links to sports information.

Sports, Outdoors and Recreation - Links to sports news, clubs, supplies, pro sports halls of fame, world and olympic records.

Sports Resource Zone - Links to hockey, baseball, soccer, and football resources.

Sports WebGuide - Directory linking to sports media sites, also including content such as scores and standings. - International Sports - Sports worldwide with links, polls and an index of personal sportspages from all over the world.

SportsComplex - Links to GLBT sports sites and contact information all over the globe. - Sports scores, updates, live ticker, links and local content.

Sportsdogs - Sports search engine, links, news, scores, rosters, information, and national sportspages. - ODP style sports search engine.

Sportseport - Links to sports news and information sites. - Directory of sports sitest viewable in listings by sport or by country. - Official homepages, insider news and memorabilia. - A directory of sports sites, including official team sites and sports news.

Sportsviews - Links to sporting news, scores and other sports-related sites.

Sportz 4 You - A sports search engine that lets you search among fan pages, play online games and participate in online polls.

Sportzsearch - General sports search engine for websites as well as media.

Top 200 Sports Sites - List ranking the sports websites by traffic to and from the Top 200 site daily.

100 Top Sport Sites - Directory of 100 sport sites ranked into a sport guide and search engine.

Ultimate Sports Network - Links to chats, scores, team pages, auctions, and magazine news.

Web Race - Race information for runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and other racers. List your race for free.

webSportsman - Directory of guides and outfitters for outdoor sports including hunting, fishing, whitewater rafting, canoeing, camping and hiking.

123World - Sports - Alphabetic listing of official sites of various sports federations, organizations, associations, boards and committees of various sports.

411 World Sports Directory - Sports Directory with Links to Major League teams and sporting outfitters.

Worldwide Sports Network - Guide to streaming media sports sites.

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