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Access Place Women - Directory of links for various women related sites.

All for Women - Premier site for women and women in business. Features include a directory, business network, news, articles and shopping.

AOL Anywhere - Women's Web Channel - Resource for the diverse aspects of women's lives, including advice and tips about career, relationships, health, style, and parenting. - Offers users free access to hundreds of guru approved tips and links on pick-ups, parties, dating, fashion, first dates and links to on-line products and dating.

CU2 Womens Page - Directory of links with fashion, romance, cosmetics, parenting, health, soaps, talk shows, shopping, entertainment.

Electra Pages - Recommended Sites from The ElectraPages Directory which contains over 9,000 web links all told.

Firewife's Girlz Nite Out - Women's history, health, issues, webrings, plus size links. A really eclectic page to see. Directory of links geared to women.

Fullmoon's Web - Personal pages with a lot of links for women. - Guide to resources for women of all ages: health, career, family, beauty, travel and wedding planning resources.

Grrls Gyrls Gurls - Arts and entertainment resources for women.

Lipstick on your Collar - Primarily for women covering a variety of subjects.

Oxygen - Woman's portal.

She Knows - A directory of sites for or by women. Also features free web e-mail, a reminder service, daily horoscopes and links to articles and hundreds of sites of interest to women.

Sites for Women - Dedicated to finding Internet sites of interest to women : sites on, infertility, weddings, relationships, divorce, child birth, breast cancer and support groups.

Tech4Women - Your "Online Information Broker." A resource site especially for women. - Portal webpage for spiffy pesonal webpages made by women.

Websites for Women - Sharing some of the best sites on the internet created for, by, and about women. New site featured each month. Post in the discussion boards.

Woman's Hot Links - Directory of links to women-related sites.

Women Power in 2000 - Search engine that gives women the power to take over the web in the year 2000. Small but growing, directory of sites.

Women's News Stories from - Top Women's News Headlines- Links from over 1,600 sources. - Internet guide featuring links of interest to women on a wide variety of topics. Also offers shopping and message boards.

Working Woman Network, The - A directory for women and the everyday life of a working woman. - The premier search directory for women with comprehensive links on all topics relevant to women.

Hair style pictures - Access to hair style pictures and useful links.


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