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Atomic Teen - Teen directory and search engine. Features Atomic Teen Zine with celebrity profiles, music and movie news and reviews, favorite TV shows and the new fall season. Also, fashion and shopping links to the coolest online shops.

BBC Web Guide - Links to the best teen sites, as decided by the BBC. Updated weekly, the number of sites is small, but they are of high quality. - Online portal for teens, kids, and students. Submit your own site.

EAT (Everything About Teens) - Large directory of teen sites, polls, forum, interactive stories, comics, and more. Home of the Teen Link Exchange.

The Kraze - Site contains beeper codes, free email, Pokemon, Teletubbies, and more. - The guide to the web (for teens). Categories include chat, parties, music, sports and many many more.

Music for Teens: - Get music, lyrics, free downloads, celebrity pics and more.

The No Frills Guide for Kids - A guide for kids and teens to sites on the net.

Oh! Teens - Links to homework help, e-zines, and college information. From Ohio Public Library Information Network.

Peel World - Includes information on sports, entertainment, and a special shopping section for teens.

Quaaack Teen Web Directory - Web directory and hangout spot for the under 21 crowd.

Realtime: Teen News - A responsible, current site that presents relevant news targetted at teenagers.

Review: Turbulence of the teenage years - Comedic look at the interlaced lives of a group of teenagers in Britain.

RocketCash - RocketCash enables teenagers to shop at their favorite online stores in a safe, secure environment.

Roy's Amazing Teen Links - Relatively small list of teen links, only the best teen sites included.

StarSite - Source of information about your favorite teenage celebrities and t.v. shows.

Teen Being: By Teens -- For Teens - Showcasing the writings of real teenagers. Provides for open expression, help and advice for their peers, and good readings for others.

Teen Hoopla - An Internet guide for teenagers. Includes book reviews and links.

Teen Linkz - List of teen links brought to you by

Teen Net Sites - Links to sites of interest to teenagers. Categories include movies, clothes and music. This site is for teens, by teens, and approved by Mom.

Teen Products - Contains links to chat, cars section, shopping and music.

Teen Town - Part of The Savvy Click Magazine, features Music: tune it on, Television Talk, homework resources and sports reviews.

Teen Twist - Where teens can buy teen merchandise, email other people, sign the guestbook, get advice, view pics, and visit links.

Teen Zone - A large teen directory containing interesting topics. - Links to reviewed teen sites in many categories. Including cyber hangouts, entertainment, health, teen magazines and more. - Shopping mall and consumer resource site for teens. - Teen web site that contains polls, surveys, chat, messages, prizes, contests, and articles. Topics include, fashion, health, body and bath, money, entertainment, school, love advice, sports, shopping, and stories. - Offering teens an opportunity to hang out, play games, chat, and get advice, and homework help. links [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - A large teen-aimed link directory of rated and reviewed teen sites. Cool teen sites are marked as picks.

Formal hair styles - Access to formal hair styles and useful links.


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