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AppuKids - A unique kids search engine and directory, along with games, stories, jokes, and poems.

Ask Jeeves for Kids - Allows you to ask a question in plain English, confirms the question, then takes you to one web site that answers your question.

Berit's Best Sites  - Wide range of different categories to interest kids.

CompuServe Kids Web Center - Categories include entertainment, fun and games, school subjects, sports, and hot topics like Harry Potter, Barbie and Pokemon.

The KidZoneZ - A collection of fun sites categorized by subject to guide kids in learning about, exploring and having fun in their world.

Linkopedia's Kidzone - Collection of reviewed kid sites. Provides fun, entertaining, and educational links for children.

PeachPod Kids' Internet directory which also contains games and activities.

Yahooligans - Featuring comprehensive safe surfing, games, homework help, and many kid friendly activities.

Formal hair styles - Access to formal hair styles and useful links.


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