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Family friendly search engines

AnimalSearch - Search for family safe, animal related web sites on AnimalSearch.

AppuKids - A unique kids search engine, along with games, stories, jokes and poems.

Ask Jeeves for Kids - Allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, takes you to one web site that answers your question.

Ask Pluto - Pluto the Prescient teaches kids about search engines and proper searching techniques. The site has games, contests and quizzes, all designed to encourage children to use search engines to explore the 'Net.

Berit's Best - A web directory for kids with additional tools for web searching.

Clean Search - Search engine promising no link-rot, no double URL posts, no pornography, no deceitful redirects and no hate sites.

Dizzyduck - Family-safe search engine.

e-lynks to kid-related web sites - an alphabetized directory to web sites of general interest to parents and their children

Family Friendly and Ethics Conscous Search Engine: PeaKaBoo.Net - Family friendly and ethics conscious safe shopping search engine. Kids welcome.

Family Friendly Search - Family Friendly Search allows you to search all the best family friendly search engines with just one click.

Family Safe Internet - PAXWAY - Filtered Internet service offers family friendly access.

FamilySeek - Directory and search engine for family-friendly sites, focusing on parenting, pregnancy and education. - Search the internet free of adult sites. All sites are categorized into 32 categories. Sites will be indexed in about 1 minute.

GenieFind For Kids - Searchable directory of links for pre-teen children and parents - includes links to Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Recreation, Internet, Computers, Literature, Parents, School Zone, Shopping.

Hey Smarty - This Natural Language search engine is designed just for younger students. heySmarty can assist in answering homework questions, with online academic research and support moderated Chat Forums about each major subject area. - Kid friendly search site allows user to specify an age group to return appropriate results.

Jabuti - Provides directory search for children. Parents can rate and add links to the directory.

Jambacat - The Family-Safe Search Engine - Offers many online activities such as free email, online games, and domain registration. An all-inclusive family-safe search engine portal.

Kids Search Engines - A list of search engines designed for kids or families, along with links to articles about these type of search engines.

Kids World 2000 - Links to entertaining and educational web pages around the world, spectacular museums, zoos, sports, science, games, and travel.

KidsClick! Web Search - Developed and organized by librarians, KidsClick! contains over 1800 links.! - Kid friendly search engine with other community features for kids. - Powerful and clean search engine designed specifically for kids.

4Kidssites - A list of sites choosen by students and teachers and uses filtered search technology to locate child safe sites.

Land of Links - A family-friendly search engine with no adult content.

Matilda - Powerful interactive search engine with many interesting portals where you can list your non adult site.

MaxiSearch - Internet search engine and international news and job search.

Net About Town - G-rated search engine based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

A1 Quality Search Engine - Family friendly search engine with no adult content returned.

Searchopolis 3.0 - Internet search engine and resource site for K-12 students. - Family friendly web directory open to all PICS rated sites enabling content selection without censorship.

Celebrity hair styles - Access to celebrity hair styles and useful links.



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