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Charitable Organizations - Directory of more than 670,000 charities. Select one or more organizations that you currently support or would like to support and give safely and securely.

4Charities -- a guide to charities from - Links to various charitable organizations - An online "village" that unites donors, volunteers, businesses, and qualified charities from across the nation.

CreateHope - Helps donors to decide which charity to give to by providing information about thousands of charities, and then lets them donate online quickly and conveniently. - Offering online services that make researching charities, finding volunteer opportunities, and donating easy, safe and fun.

Give For Change - Find nonprofit groups working for social change. Hundreds of groups to choose from and provides a secure environment to donate to nonprofit groups online.

GuideStar - Free service with information on the programs and finances of more than 600,000 American charities and nonprofit organizations.

National Charities Information Bureau - Mission is to promote informed giving and to enable more contributors to make sound giving decisions. Donors are entitled to accurate information about the charitable organizations that seek support.

Where To Give! - Listings of volunteer, activism and charity organizations designed to help find where to donate expendable resources to those in need.

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