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About Cats - Provides information regarding the anatomy of the cat, cat breeds, a cat's life history, choosing and caring for a cat, some diseases, the cat in history, cat family, general breed standards and some famous cats.

About.Com's Cats - All you would ever want to know about cats and their people! Original features, links, pictures.

Absolutely Cats - International directory of cat breeders' websites, information, resources, associations, and photos.

AnswerSleuth's Special Focus on Cats - Research pages on over 100 topics of special interest to cat lovers. Breeds, caring, myths, it's all here!

Cat Fanciers - The Internet forum for the cat fancy since 1993. Articles and links on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine.

CatOwner.Com - Links to a variety of resources about cats including information on different cat breeds, newsgroups, health, supplies, poetry and humor.

Cats - Suite101 - Includes indepth information, links, discussions, surveys, and a gallery.

Cats at Acme Pet - A source of information for people interested in pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats. Information on cat care, feline welfare/rescue. Also offers chats, bulletin boards, and moderated discussions with feline professionals.

Cats on the Run - A resource covering health, declawing, breeds and adoption.

Judith Berman's List of Feline WWW Sites - A link site of worldwide cat-related websites. - An all-in-one cat engine. Find health, toys, seek advice or search for fun things to do at

KittySites.Com - An online directory of cat-related sites.

Moggies - Resource of information about cats, health, humor, products, artwork, welfare, and organizations.

Monica's Cat Link Page - A list of links to cats, kittens, cat paintings and pictures, pet health, and free stuff.

rec.pets.cats FAQs - Pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about cats, in concise, useful form: health, behavior, care, feeding, solving common problems, etc.

Tally's Cat Basics 101 - Covers topics such as health care, safety tips, nutrition, behavior and litterbox training.

Black hair styles- Access to contemporary black hair styles and useful links.

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