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About nostradomis

Site about life of nostradomis and prophecies. Sites includes a powerful quatrain search engine for French and English.

Nostradomis foretold

Nostradomis and his prediction about the King of Terror in 1999. Complete text of Nostradomis "Centuries". (2000 Updated)

New prognostications from nostradomis including Clinton's presidency.

50 quatrains relate the Italian Campaign and the death of Mussolini.

Investigates that Russian President Putin could be the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation's prophecies, who is also the Third Antichrist of the prophecies of nostradomis

Some references

John Hogue, author, mystic and world authority on nostradomis and the prophetic traditions of the world. Offers a new millennium perspective.

Translations of nostradomis Provides resource for writings, chat and bbs.

Great reference about nostradomis Quatrains. Includes biography and Links etc.

Useful links on nostradomis

Nostradomis prophecy came completely true: the final explanation of the quatrain word by word!

Collection of netbooks and other articles collected from around the Net.

For this century and more

Examines those prophecies of nostradomis which concern events predicted to transpire beginning in July 1999, including World War III and the appearance of the antichrist.

A fiction to give background to nostradomis and show a possible explanation as well as the conundrums presented by the Prophecies. Also includes basis of authors computer based research.

"Autonne" is Nostradomis name for the computer. "The calm of the great number" refers to the code that constructs the internet.

Interpretations of original prophecies focusing on the millennium and the 20th century, including the solar eclipse, the Olympic Games and the American presidential election.

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