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Alien Information Systems - Graphical online newspaper repository with major newspapers and magazines from around the world.

Cyber Newsstand - Links to newspapers from around the globe.

The Daily News - International newspapers index.

DailyEarth - Online newspapers directory, organized by country and state.

Find Newspapers - Search resource for newspapers by country.

Index of Online US Newspapers - Offering for purchase a listing of the homepage URLs to 115 US newspapers. Available in HTML, text, and MS Word formats.

International Newspaper Links - Comprehensive searchable resource for 3,400 worldwide newspaper and magazine links.

International Newspapers - List of international newspapers by country, and US newspapers by state.

Internet Newspapers - Links to 180 newspapers world-wide.

Internet Public Library Reading Room: Newspapers - Searchable newspapers directory, with links organized by continent/country or in a title index.

Jack's Online Newspaper Directory - Directory of daily US newspapers compiled and maintained by guide, Jack Downs.

Last Minute News - Links to newspapers around the world. Updated daily.

Local Free Press - News & Newspapers - Links to local U.S. papers.

May We Direct You? - Links to 954 U.S. newspapers, listed alphabetically by title. Easy translation from English into German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish (or into English from those languages).

MIT Libraries - Foreign Language News and Newspapers - Collection of links to electronic journals, newspapers and magazines in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Compiled by the MIT Libraries.

New York Newspapers - Links to New York newspapers organized by city.

News and Views - Comprehensive index of US and world newspapers, columnists, editorials, and Christian news sources.

News from Your Home Town - Direct links to more than 900 daily and weekly newspapers throughout the 50 U.S. states.

News Paradise - Links to selected English-language newspapers around the world, arranged by country.

NewsCentral - Links to newspapers worldwide, organized by country.

Newspaperlinks - Search by city or state for U.S. newspapers. Comprehensive collection of newspapers on the Web.

Newspapers - List of newspapers from around the world.

Newspapers A to Z Online - Directory of Canadian and US newspapers.

Newspapers at Services 24 - Links to newspapers in the UK.

Newspapers Galore - Links to newspapers in the U.S. and around the world. Alphabetized by city names.

Newspapers International - Newspaper index listed according to country with a U.S. section.

Newspapers of the World - A selection of newspapers worldwide, arranged by country.

Newspapers on the Net - Listing of 10,000 newspapers from around the world, searchable by country and then by publication.

Newspapers Online - A listing of newspapers including international, industry, speciality and entertainment publications.

Newspapers with English Language Websites - Annotated links with ratings to daily newspaper websites worldwide. - Directory of newspapers including national, international, business and alternative.

NewsRage - Newspapers listed by region and country. - A comprehensive list including U.S. college and high school newspapers, sports, trade, U.S. and world newspapers.

Online Newspaper Directory - Alphabetical collection of links to U.S. newspapers.

The Press - Listing of newspapers listed by country.

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