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Kitchen sinks have to have that rare combination of beauty and smarts.

If any room has a split personality, it's the kitchen. One night, it's helping to prepare an elegant dinner. The next, it's feeding a family of four in minutes. With that in mind, perhaps you should pay particular attention to which kitchen sink you choose. Lets take a look at some kitchen sinks

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Kitchens are simply incomplete without kitchen sinks. Asia - American Standard Product Center are a network of design architects. They deal with kitchen and bath accessories. You can get some of the best resources on kitchen sinks here.

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Though functionality is the essence of kitchen sinks, its got to have some style! Make sure your kitchen sink goes with the style of your kitchen, its a part of it. Select kitchen sinks by style

The Whitehaus Collection offers the very best luxury Kitchen sinks and bath products which are unsurpassed in quality and many of which are unique to the market.

Kitchen sinks - Care and cleaning

Do not leave acid foods sitting on kitchen sinks for a long time. Many porcelain-on-cast iron sinks are not acid-resistant. But many acid fruits such as lemons and other citrus fruits and other acid foods could possibly etch even acid-resistant porcelain enamel if left in the sink a long time

Washing kitchen sinks with a solution of hand dishwashing liquid detergent and water; or a solution of baking soda and water really helps. Rinse and polish dry with paper towel or soft cloth. Never use scouring powders or steel wool as they will scratch stainless steel.