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Choose the right kitchen design for your kitchen!
Your kitchen design is good if it is giving you enough functionality with a style and elegance of its own.

Concrete and stainless steel kitchen design are on the rise mainly because of their natural and sophisticated look. Unique countertop materials, elegant moldings and hearth-styled cooking areas are still among the latest trends.
Lets see some of the kitchen design.

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Basics of Kitchen Design

The rules of kitchen design were the result of research conducted by the National kitchen and bath association in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. The most basic concept of kitchen design is simple. The sink, refrigerator and the cooktop represent the most used centers of activity in the average kitchen. The efficiency of a worker in the kitchen is drastically reduced if these activity centers are spread far apart. Ideally the distance in a straight line from the front center point of one of these three centers of activity to another should be between 4 and 9 feet. The sum of the three triangle legs should be equal to or less than 26 feet.

Some important rules

Kitchen design software

This is an interior design software. A package for kitchen design, custom cabinet and furniture making is illustratively given. Can be of great help for those planning to do the kitchen design themselves!

Another Kitchen design and bath design software is available. You might have reached a solution for your home designing needs!
Preview available before you buy.