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Liszt's Usenet Newsgroups Directory - Searchable list of Usenet newsgroups by name, topic, or hierarchy. Short descriptions of each newsgroup. - Links to all known top-level hierarchies, any of which may register a subdomain of for their hierarchy.

Regional Newsgroups Information Center - Information on regional usenet hierarchies, primarily for the United States but with a few other hierarchies.

RemarQ - Search or browse through their categories to over 30K newsgroups via the web.

Tile.Net/News - Usenet newsgroups listed by hierarchy, description, and by index. No newsserver access. Each newsgroup has its own page with statistics and links to FAQs and other group information.

Usenet Info Center Launch Pad - Apparently no longer maintained, but of interest for historical reasons. Besides a list of Usenet newsgroups, also contains links to FAQs and other Usenet info.

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