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Internet service providers - Directory of Internet service providers and web hosts.

Boardwalk Magazine - Directory and beginners tips to help choose a local ISP.

CNET - Web Services - List of Internet service providers, web hosts, and web developers.

The Directory - Catalogs 13,000 Internet Access Providers and web hosting companies. - A directory of ISP and ASP delivering Internet services with Lotus Domino server.

Find an ISP - Quickly find an ISP which is a local phone call by area code. - A searchable directory of hundreds of Internet access plans

FISP Directory - A big free ISP directory database with over 400 free ISP's from over 20 countries which are fully searchable. - An Internet services portal to find ISP, Voip, Bandwidth, web designers, web hosts, register domain, building web sites, and Internet news.

Internet Access Providers - Meta-List provides hundreds of pointers to resources for finding providers.

Internet Service Providers by Size - Charts reported subscriber base of selected ISP's.

ISDN Zone - Worldwide ISDN provider directory.

ISP Directory - Searchable database of ISP points of presence arranged by city.

ISP Finder - Free basic listings by area code, or, enhanced listings for a fee. - Resource for ISP employees to rate their employer, the Internet service provider.

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