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Domain names

All Wealth Domain Lookup - Domain name lookup tool for top level and .uk domains. - Domain name search and registration for .com, .net, and .org domains. - International whois service to check domain name registration from nearly all domain registries worldwide.

Amnesi - Helps to find Internet server name (DNS name) even misspelled and partial names. Database has almost all DNS entries. - Queries all registrars and allows users to receive detailed whois reports via e-mail. Contains links to all active and pending registrars.

The Big Whois - Search the database and register your domain name.

BrimsWeb - Domain name search for .UK and .COM addresses.

CCWorld.CC - Search for .CC domain names. - Connects to the various domain registration databases around the world and displays the current status of a domain name.

Check4Me - Performs wild card searches on registered domains names.

Cool Resources - Check for the availabilty of domain names.

Digi-Zone - United Kingdom based domain name company.

Domain Name Checker - Check for the availabilty of domain names and domain records.

Domain Name Search - Search for available domain names with .com, .net, and .org extensions. Free domain parking.

Domain Name Search Page - Aimed at the Medical Professional (.md).

Domain Spotter - Uses semantic rules and heuristics to search for available domain names.

Domainator - Domainator checks for domain availability, trademarks, definitions, synonyms and related words.

DomainLookup - Basic domain name lookup service. - Check for available domain names.

DomainsForBeginners - A simple name search and guide.

DomainSurfer - domain name search engine with wild-card and drill-down search mechanisms which add flexibility to this powerful tool

DomainWatch - Statisics , url checker, and the latest news. - Allows to search for available domain names and explains the relationship between country names and domain IPs.

Emotionweb - Find out if the domain name of your choice is available.

EuroNic - European domain name search and registration service. - Searches the databases of all registrars of generic top level domains.

Global Domain Registry - Name search and registration for Australia.

Grep Whois Gateway - International whois service to check domain name registration from about 200 domain registries worldwide.

Internet Names Registry - Domain name search and registration for top level domains.

Internic Whois Database Domain Name Search - Search for an available domain name with the .com, .net or .org extensions.

IP Whois - Identifies the owner and the IP address of the domain.

JPNIC Whois Gateway - Search domain names in English or Japanese.

Metadog Whois - search the whois domain databases of 71 countries and 188 extensions in one place

Metadog Whois - Detailed whois information on domains around the world.

Multiple Domain Query - Query whois for up to thirty domain names and get the full owner's information profile.

MultiTrace - This tool will trace the path to the server, which hosts the respective website as well as the information on domain name's owner

Name Droppers - Offers the capability to perform searches for domain names using multiple keywords. Supports com, .net, .org, and .edu domain extensions. - Allows you to search through more than 150 different domain name extensions.

Network Solutions Whois - Use this InterNIC/Network Solutions form to find technical details about registered domain names.

Nic.Uk - Official UK domain name search,,, and names

RIPE database search - European IP address allocations (RIPE) database search.

Schwarzl s Internet Tools - Domain check, email validation, webserver and IP check.

Search Domains - Search for available domain names in over 150 extensions, including .com, .net, .org,, and .cc names.

SearchNZ - Allows you to do fuzzy searches on .nz domains.

SEDO - Search engine for domains, sites and complete internet businesses. - Whois search that can help you find available domains using your keywords.

UK Trading - A very simple name search.

Web Site Recorder - Find the owner of any domain name.

Web Space Station Whois - Checks the availability of top level and regional domain names.

WebMagic Whois Plus Domain Lookup - Check the availability of top level and country level domain names.

Whois Search - Whois search for TLD domain names. - Search for available domain names.

WhoIsNot domain name finder - Finds reserved, on-hold and available variations of the names. Can be configured to perform an action on each match.

Whoix - Whois search for TLD and country level domain names. - Check up to 10 domains at a time.

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