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Medical research

About Clinical Trials-The ACT! Project - Information on clinical trials with new treatments for various diseases - from the Medical Univ. of South Carolina.

Academic Info: Health and Medicine - An annotated directory of Internet resources on Health and Medicine.

Accurate Clinical Trials Information from MCW - Accurate and timely clinical trials information from the Medical College of Wisconsin's HealthLink web site. The site also contains a searchable index for other health and medical topics. Free subscription.

AceLab - The Laboratory of Dr. Elie D. Al-Chaer for the study of Pain including Visceral Pain of structural or functional origin as well as the role of the nervous system in pain processing.

AHRQ: Clinical Information - Clinical information on evidence-based practice, clinical guidelines, medical effectiveness, pharmaceutical therapy, new technology, screening and preventive services, outcomes research, and the National Guideline Clearinghouse.

Alliance for Aging Research - Private, not-for-profit advocacy organization fighting for science policies in the nation's capital to speed breakthroughs for greater health, vitality and longevity.

Alternative Cancer Therapy - Official research site of William F. Koch M.D., Ph.D. on alternative cancer treatments, including complete online texts of his works.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone - Scientific research provided by medical doctors and HGH laboratory research facilities. Learn about the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Biofluids Source - Specializes in providing patient populations tailored to a specific research criteria.

Biological Research Faculty and Facility, Inc. - BRFF serves government, industry, and private research institutions with a wide range of laboratory services and products to support and conduct basic cancer research, new product development, and regulatory testing programs.

Bioquantum Medicine - The use of electric fields as an essential therapeutic element in medical biology; a new approach to the treatment of human disease.

Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders - A repository for brain and other tissues and cell lines from individuals with developmental disorders.

California Clinical Trials Medical Group - CCTMG conducts important medical research studies, tests new drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies, and approved by the FDA for clinical trials.

The Carl Stough Institute - Provider of medically documented research showing the exact way the body is designed for maximum efficiency in breathing. Information on respiratory science and medical studies.

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service - Listing of clinical research trials, information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research and drug therapies newly approved by the FDA.

Centre for Health and Population Research - Diarrhoeal disease control, maternal and child health, nutrition, and population sciences. (Bangladesh)

Chemoprevention Research Group - The group at the University of Michigan is dedicated to cancer prevention clinical trials, including esophageal, colon, and cervical cancer preventative studies.

Children's Hospital of Orange County-Research Programs - Research laboratories at CHOC supporting a variety of basic science, translational, and clinical studies.

Clinical Trials Listing Service-WebMD Health Gateway - More than 35,000, international, industry- and government-sponsored clinical trials that are actively recruiting patients, searchable by therapeutic area and geographic region - in cooperation with CenterWatch, Inc.

Clinical Trials of Antineoplastons for Cancer Treatment - Antineoplastons are non-toxic substances that have shown promise in the treatment of difficult brain cancers, low-and intermediate-grade non-hodgkins lymphoma, and many common solid cancers - from the Burzynski Research Inst. - Database of clinical studies seeking medical volunteers. Free meds, tests, frequently payment for participation. Search by disease, symptoms, city, physician, amount of compensation.

Consort Statement - Research publication, research presentations, evidence-based medicine standards, and related material. Available in six languages downloadable in Adobe PDF format.

Controlled Trials from History - A historical examination of research methods designed to reduce biases in studies assessing the effects of health care, social care and education. Contains many images of historical items.

Datamedica - A contract research organization located in Portugal, specialized in clinical trial design and monitoring, biostatistics, epidemiology, farmaco-economics and medical informatics

Diatranz Ltd - Dedicated to Diabetes - A company committed to Diabetes detection and cure. Screen for Diabetes and look for better control through xenotransplantation.

Disease, Diet and Development in India and Indonesia - A summary of more than twenty years of field experience working with Indian and Indonesian villagers, D3 is a detailed introduction to problems of poor diet, high levels of disease and lack of proper education about health and sanitation.

Endocrine and Metabolism Research Center - Affiliated to Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS), active in the field of epidemiologic, basic, and clinical medical research. Located at Taleghani Medical Center in the northern region of Tehran, Iran.

Experimental Hematology - The basics on current research directions.

Funding Opportunities - Medical College of Georgia - An A to Z listing of funding agencies that offer grant support for medical research.

Health Matters - Latest scientific research news on health, disease, genetics, fitness, nutrition, and treatment

The Heart Institute of Spokane - Non-randomized research study: permanent mechanical heart (LVAD) as a treatment for heart failure. HeartMate IP artificial heart studied to determine safety of long term use.

Heart Research Centre, Victoria, Australia - Research into the social, behavioural, and psychological aspects of cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease prevention. Guiding the development and testing of methods for improving quality of life and encouraging healthy behaviours to reduce premature disability and death from heart disease.

Helmholtz-Institute - Appling the knowledge, methods, and processes of engineering and natural sciences to solve clinically oriented problems requiring an interdisciplinary approach; in the fiels of biomedical engineering, surgical therapy technology, cryobiology, biomechanics, ergonomics in medicine, and biophysical measurements - from the Aachen Univ. of Technology (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, RWTH).

Holtmed Scanning Sevices - Research center for blood pressure and electrocardiogram Holter examination.

Inside Medicine - Disseminates research on a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions.

Integrated Biologics Research Laboratories, Inc. - Researching new therapeutic modalities for cancer, immunology, and infectious disease using zwitterionic compounds that affect cellular function in specialized ways, providing new methods for treating and preventing disease.

International Bioresearch Solutions - Works with researchers and organ procurement organizations to place organs for research that are not suitable for transplant.

International Spinal Development and Research Foundation - Clinical research on the latest advances in spinal surgery, including minimally invasive techniques, bone graft substitution and augmentation, and anterior column support, with separate lay-person and professional sections.

Josephine Nefkens Institute - Various research groups working on molecular pathology of cancer from the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center (DDHCC) and the EUR together with the Department of Pathology of the University Hospital Rotterdam (UHR).

Joshua Frase Foundation - Dedicated to supporting ongoing medical research for myotubular myopathy and other related congenital myopathies.

La Jolla Institute for Experimental Medicine - Independent biomedical research institute focused on cancer research, immunobiology, and pharmacogenetics.

Life and Molecular Medicine - Interesting, eclectic collection of information and links regarding the latest developments in this new field and how these advances relate to your life.

Mapi Research Institute: Health related QoL - Health-related quality of life evaluation and research, collaborative initiatives involving academics, pharmaceutical industry and health authorities.

Medical College of Georgia Research Administration - Information on core facilities and services, details about MCG research institutes and centers, research-related policies, funding opportunities for extramural and intramural grants, and other research support.

Medlantic Investigators Network, Inc. - Network of experienced physicians jointly conducting clinical research in adult and pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology.

Nature's Cancer-Fighters - Anti-cancer action of inositol and its derivative, inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6), in boosting the immune system's ability to kill cancer cells. From the Univ. of Maryland.

Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute - Sleep disorders research facility specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of classified sleep disorders (e.g. sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs, periodic limb movement disorder, insomnia, sleep terrors, UARS)

Online Medical Research - Find medical journal articles, clinical trials, case studies, newsgroups, medical search engines, and subject trees, along with learning about other Internet research tools. From California State Univ. and Butte College.

Oregon Hearing Research Center - Investigations focus on the fundamental neurobiology of the auditory and vestibular systems in order to understand how pathologies occur and to develop and test new solutions for hearing problems.

Oxford Spine Research Group - A forum for health care profesionals interested in spinal research.

OXO Chemie, The Macrophage Company - An international pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of therapeutics by changing macrophage-mediated immune responses to treat diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.

PharmQuest - A clinical research company conducting high quality pharmaceutical research in the Greensboro, NC area.

Photodiagnosis for Cancer Detection - Explains photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy, and provides useful addresses and links. (English, French, and Japanese versions).

Rational Therapeutics Cancer Laboratories - Analysis of programmed cell death (apoptosis), using patients' own cancer cells, to find the best treatment of choice.

Research at Mayo Clinic - Information on research at the Mayo Clinic for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, scientists, and others interested in medical research and education.

Sarcoma Cancer Research Study Questionnaire - An independent research study of Sarcoma of the Extremities: Irene Muniz, author. All persons participating will stay anonymous.

Severe PMS - A six-month antidepressant clinical research treatment study for women suffering from severe PMS.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hosp.-Dept. of Infectious Disease - Researching cures for catastrophic infectious diseases of childhood with a comprehensive approach including basic science research, translational trials, and bedside care.

StrataMedicine - Innovative products for investigating the fundamental molecular and genetic mechanisms of diseases, such as integrated nucleic acid purification and analysis systems and PCR reagents and instrumentation - from Stratagene.

The UK Health Technology Assessment Programme - Site contains details of program's many projects and publications; an NHS national research and development initiative.

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute - Specializing in cardiac health care; prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of heart disease through patient care, research, and education.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) - Panel of health care experts that evaluates the latest scientific evidence on clinical preventive services.

WebExhibits Directory-Medicine - Interesting topics in biomedicine.

Women's Health Research - Arizona - Clinical studies and research dedicated to women's health problems including PMS, excessive bleeding, endometriosis, menopause, high cholesterol, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, hot flashes, incontinence. Seeking participants. - The medical "home" for our growing family of quality medical sites. Includes information, recommendations, web sites and pages from your own medical profession.

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