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Hospitals's Directory of Hospitals - The specialized directory of hospitals. Orthopedic Hospitals - A directory of major academic hospitals and orthopedic departments throughout the country.

Hospital Directory - Searchable U.S. Hospital Directory.

Hospitals - 123 World - Hospitals, Alphabetic listing of official sites of various hospitals in Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, East Africa. - WorldWide Hospital Directory. Featuring over 6,000 hospitals, healthcare jobs, nursing and medical resources, and over 50,000 medical links.

Mesothelioma Hospitals and Cancer Centers - Directory of treatment centers for patients with mesothelioma, from the Law Office of Jonathan David. - In addition to providing Open Directory content, this site allows you to search for hospitals in over 40 different categories from discussion to news at a single click.

Philadelphia International Medicine - Nine hospitals in Philadelphia offer specialized services to international patients.

100 Top Hospitals - HCIA Inc. identifies the top U.S. hospitals based solely upon empirical findings from publicly available performance data.

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