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aaFunStuff Multi MP3 Search - Opens search in a new window, you can select up to 4 sites to search.

Acid Search - Large MP3 audio archive with a simple search interface.

AltaVista Audio Search - One of the largest MP3 indexes on the Web. Search for MP3s, WAVs and streaming audio files on the web and on FTP sites.

Altimate Mp3 Search - Altimate MP3 audio archive search has a simple search interface. It can also search Gnutella/Napster via your web browser so you can download songs via the web without having to download the Gnutella/Napster software. - MP3 search engine returns downlos. Browse directory alphabetically, by artist, or by album. Tracks popular downloads in chart format.

Astraweb MP3 Search - Basic search engine for MP3 sound files.

Audiofind - High-quality searchable MP3 directory with thousands of files. Browse alphabetically by filename, master artist, or date.

Audiogalaxy - Nice, with featured MP3s, bands; software, discussion forums, and chat.

AudioPhilez - Very reliable MP3 search engine that contains extensive technical information about each song. Tens of gigabytes of MP3 files indexed daily.

BeSeeker MP3 - MP3 meta search engine. - Search 6 MP3 sites at the once with their MP3 meta search.

Cutedoggy: Napster Search - Allows you to search Napster via your web browser and download songs via the web without having to download the Napster software. - Large MP3 database. Also includes singles, albums, charts, news, software, hardware, help and guides.

Find MP3s via searchMATE - Enables you to search faster and more productively. Go through all the best sites on the internet faster and with less hassel. - This search engine lists file sizes, ratio and banner information. - MP3 search engine which includes top 5 downloads of the day. - MP3 search engine. Claimed faster, simpler, and more live links.

14-in-1 MP3 Search Engine - Find your favourite songs using their MP3 search box. Also contains downloads, and related links.

Italia Online MP3 Search Engine - Search engine for MP3 files on the internet.

Jpop MP3 - MP3 searches and links with special emphasis on Jpop.

Jugalug MP3 Meta Search Engine - Searches 6 other search engines to get more results. Also contains directories of sites and artists. - Online music search engine. - MP3 search engine that includes information about searching ratio and non-ratio sites. - New MP3 search engine; patented GRobot analyzer assesses the legitimacy of specific files and determines whether they're on "ratio" servers.

Lycos Music MP3 Search - Comprehensive, high-quality search engine with an index of over 500,000 MP3 downloads. Site also has news, reviews and information on players, encoders and rippers.

McFind - McFind offers an MP3 meta search option which displays search results from multiple engines. Other meta searches also available.

MediaFind - Formerly known as the Chaos search engine; now offers search for audio and video files in MP3, MPEG, ASF, realaudio and realvideo format with new layout under its own domain.

MediaLeech MP3 Search - Large MP3 search engine refreshed every 30 minutes.

MediaTrak - Premier media search engine for multimedia.

MetaCrawler MP3 - MP3 metasearch engine. Allows you to find what you're looking for by simultaneously using the Internet's leading search engines.

mIRC-X - An effective MP3 search engine in the world of MIRC software

2000 MP3 - MP3 search engine which helps you find audio files quickly.

MP3 Box - FTP searches, and links to other MP3 resources

MP3 Getter - Page consists of simple forms that call 22 MP3 searches one at a time.

MP3 Index - Simultaneous search of several of the top search engines.

MP3 Locator - MP3 Locator finds MP3 music files on Usenet newsgroups.

MP3 Magnet - Search and find free MP3 downloads on the web. Free MP3 software including WinAmp, FreeAmp and Sonique.

MP3 MasterList - Searchable index of thousands of verified MP3 files. Updated frequently.

MP3 Masterlist - MP3 search engine, indexing thousands of verified files.

MP3 Planet - MP3 search engine with large database and MP3 search software available for free download on your PC. Links checked daily.

MP3 Query: Advanced MP3 Search - The engine has a very large database of MP3 songs and is easy to use.

MP3 Seek - Search HTTP or FTP (over 450,000 FTPs indexed).

The MP3 Site Search - An MP3 website and song search engine and guide to MP3 sites on the internet. Content updated frequently. Also features MP3 guides for beginners and a "Topsite Countdown".

The MP3 Site Search Directory - MP3 search engine and guide to MP3 sites on the internet. Content updated frequently.

MP3 Spider - A fast and powerful MP3 HTTP search engine with 100% working links. - MP3 searchable index of over 58,000 FTPable MP3s, 68,000+ direct download MP3s, and an MP3 Post with fresh daily content for free by artists and webmasters alike.

MP3Bot - Search for MP3s by artist or song title. - Chinese MP3 search engine plus news and bulletin board. - A search form. Type the search phrase in one box and pick one of 10 MP3 search facilities.

MP3Free - Search engine for finding free audio and video files in MP3, ASF, MPEG, AVI and MOV format. - Meta MP3 search engine which searches through HTTP, FTP and Gnutella results. - An MP3 search engine indexing links from the web and FTP servers.

MP3meta - A meta search engine with MP3, web, and lyrics.

MP3moa - MP3 search engine with many popular search terms listed on the front page. Top Search Engines - Features the top 20 MP3 search engines. - Search engine for finding MP3 music sites, MP3s and trading lists. Also includes list of top MP3 music sites. - Search their MP3 archive or browse the list of free MP3 software.

mpthree - Information portal with MP3 search engine, MP3 news, and links.

mPulse - mPulse tracks music on the web and delivers the hottest sites, most popular artists and most listened to songs on the web.

MP3viaMail - German MP3 information exchange via mail.

MP3Wolf - Download the software and use it to find MP3, MIDI and WAV files. - MP3 search engine with advanced search features plus a list of the top ten most popular searches.

Musicseek - Searches for music in MP3, VQF, AAC and RealAudio formats.

Muzyka - A Polish MP3 search engine.

Oth.Net MP3 Search - One of the best MP3 search engines on the Internet.

PalaVista - MP3 metasearch resource crawls all known MP3 Search Engines with one search: Searches, parses, and creates one page of hits.

PlanetJam - PlanetJam is your interactive journey to the best in emerging music from new artists. Registered users can download MP3s for free.

Playdude - Site features an MP3 search engine, but also includes links to software, hardware, message boards and chat rooms.

3PM - Search over 1,000,000 verified MP3 files with no upload ratios. Meta MP3 Search - Calls your choice of 1 of 30 MP3 search engines.

Regarde - Simple access to several MP3-related search engines one at a time. Plus good background information on the MP3 format.

SavvySearch MP3 - A meta searcher which searches 8 popular MP3 search engines.

Scour.Net - Multimedia search engine for audio, video and images.

Search MPThree - Not a search engine itself. Form can call multiple search engines simultaneously. Links.

SearchFast for MP3s - Search from a list of popular MP3 searches. Plus links to players, rippers, encoders, and all-in-one utilities.

SeekMP3.Com - MP3 meta-search engine. Also includes a browsable archive and links to tools, skins, hardware and software.

SilverSearch MP3 - Meta-search engine that searches for MPEG layer 3 files by looking through other search engines. You can optionally give it your email address and it will mail you the results when its done. It checks all results to see whether the server actually up at the time of the query.

Simon1 Media Search - Over 300,000 MP3 files (updated hourly) in their database. Find thousands of lyrics and CD covers.

Simultaneous Search - Simultaneous search of more than 30 MP3 engines. A new window pops up for each search engine selected.

SongCrawler.Com MP3 search - MP3 search site with 15 search engines available to find free MP3 downloads.

SoundClick - SmartSong search - Wonderfully advanced search including three sliding moodbar factors (tempo, style, commerciality), pick of 30 moods, and more other factors than can be listed. - A great resource for MP3 music since 1997. MP3 news, software and an easy download search feature. : Full Album Search - Full album search engine. Search hundreds of albums (mostly newer releases) in MP3 format. - Searchable MP3 database containing thousands of songs. Also features MP3 news and a discussion board. - Digital audio database. Search for MP3s by song or band.

Web Based Napster - Much Faster is a web Based MP3 search engine. It searches Napster and brings you the results MUCH FASTER. - An MP3 posting board and download search engine.

ZabNET Media Search - Media search engine. Includes MP3 searching (exclusively or in consolidated search)

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