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Asiaco Japan - online search engine for Japan web sites, providing directory listing, news, jobs, business, classifieds and travel information services. Japan - Collections of several websites on Japan, grouped by topic.

Easy Search - Collection of 18 engines in English and 14 in Japanese.

Japan Online - Includes business links, people, jobs, Japanese culture, etc.

Japan Web Navigator - A relatively small but to the point directory.

Japanese Search Engines - A comprehensive guide for searching and submitting for Japanese search engines

Japanese Search Engines and Directories - Provides links to Japan related search engines and directory services.

JAPOO - With links to English versions of Japanese web sites.

J-Guide - Stanford University guide to Japan Information Resources.

J-Links Meta-Index - An index to indexes of Japan related information.

Key Japan - Guide to English language web sites about Japan. Categories include business, travel, living, jobs, government, and language.

MoshiX2 - A directory and search engine that lets Japanese internet users find English sites and English speaking internet users find Japanese sites.

NTT Directory - Directory of Japanese web pages. Top page is in Japanese but gives an English directory of Japanese language pages.

NTT List of Japanese Search Engines - Search form, submission guide to Japanese Search Engines, Full Text Search Engines, and a Mega Index of Search Engines.

Trade Directory Japan - Japanese trading company search engine in both English and Japanese.

URL Square (Orions) - A rather unique approach to an index.

Zigzag Asia - Portal and web directory about Japan.

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