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Census Bureau Place and Zipcode files - A by-product of map-work done by the US Census Bureau. Access zip codes by longitude, latitude, and city name.

DirectMailQuotes LLC - Zip code directory lookup as well as postal rates, regulations, glossary of mailing terms.

International Mailing Address Formats - Includes format information and/or examples for many countries, and links to additional references.

Jay Computer Services Zip Code and Area Code Lookup - Zip codes, cities, states, counties, area codes, and time zones. Do zip code proximity calculations. Extensive area code change information.

National Address and ZIP+4 Browser - Interactively browse all address and ZIP+4 records in the United States.

Philippine Zip Codes - List of the different zip codes of all the post offices in the country.

Postage Rates Worldwide - Current postage rates, Domestic, Europe, USA, cards and letters, in over 60 countries

Postage rates worldwide - Directory of mail rates (domestic & international letter rates) with links to the rate calculators or rate tables of postal services in most countries of the world. email rate queries supported.

South Africa Postal Codes - Organized by community name. - SpeedKeys is a fast and easy zip code, city, state and area code look-up program. It can also generate an optional PostNET Barcode.

USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup - Ever wonder what your zip+5 ZIP code is? The US Postal Service now has web-based lookup.

Zip Code Finder - Find zip codes from the U.S. Postal Service

Zip Codes - All the other Zip Codes

n64 roms - Try our section on n64 roms for useful information.


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