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Poetry Poetry - Poets and poetry online including poetry festivals, readings, audio and video archives, contests, zines, word games and collaborations, haiku, and sonnets. Featured weekly essays, and interviews.

Art4net - Poetry Channel - Links for these poets: Baudelaire, Byron, Rimbaud, Shelley, Keats, and Rilke. And a painting/portrait for each of the poets. - Online publisher of classic works of poetry, literature, and reference.

Frederico Albana's Poet Preserve - A collection and directory of humourous poetry links from around the world, including limericks and haikus.

Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource - A large, general directory of print-published poets from all periods, plus many web-published. 700 links, most with comments by Patrick.

Poems Portal - An unedited directory of self-submitted sites. (About 100 at this point.) A poetry board, community poem, and more. A portal site.

4Poetry - " . . . a guide to poetry from"

Poetry (Sybar) - 300 links to poets, poems and poetry interest zines, SIGs and clubs. A section of the larger sybar directory. Just the links, no comments or annotations.

University of Cape Town Poetry Web - Extensive links to poetry worldwide.

Voice of the Shuttle - Poetry Studies - 100 well-selected links to poetry sites --many academic, but others too.

Where to Do Research on Poets and Poetry - For 18 famous poets, a link to what the editor considers the best site for links for that poet. Part of the larger directory.

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