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Chris Reed's Physics Page - Personal page and subpages contain links to physics organizations and resources, companies sellings quartz crystal microbalances (QMBs), links to QMB researchers, introduction to QMBs, and site owner's publication list and resume.

Cultch - Current physics research news list of sites.

Hiram's Physics Page - Links to journals, societies, publishers, e-mail alerting, e-print, softwares and conferences in physics sciences.

Hypography Sci-Tech - A gateway to science with lots of physics and theoretical physics links.

Interactive Physics Web Site Directory - This interactive physics web site directory categorizes, collates and reviews web sites relating to physics. It also allows visits to discuss and comment on the sites.

LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines - Physics - A comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide but especially in German and English.

Mike's Place - Physics and Astronomy Links - Links to Astronomy and Physics sites.

Nanodata - Nanotechnology, femtosecond and bioscience information and links; in English and French.

Physics - Learn it all, from smallest particles to the nature of the universe. Experts or newbies can test and increase physics knowledge. From

Physics - WWW Virtual Library category

Physics and Astronomy - On-line demonstrations and software.

Physics Web Search by - Search cyberspace for physics departments, physical societies, scientific journals, career opportunities, software and more

PhysNet - Offers lists of links to all physics institutions worldwide ordered by country and town.

Scientific research news and events - Reference page of research news and events/advanced research information

Suite101 - Advanced physics: articles, links and discussions.

Suite101 - Physics: articles, links and discussions. - Online directory for physics educational sites.

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