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Academic Info: Mathematics - A Directory of Internet resources on math; including a Homework section, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Chaos, etc. Resources for both undergraduate and graduate students. Part of an independent directory compiled by Mike Madin.

BUBL LINK : Mathematics and Computing - Catalogue of Internet resources at the British Library.

Cenius - Maths news, dictionary, notes, biographies of mathematicians, quotes, resources and links.

CSC Mathematical Topics - Resources for mathematical research and education at the Center for Scientific Computing in Finland. The emphasis is on numerical computing.

Liszt: Science/Mathematics - Mathematics-related mailing lists.

Mathematical Resources on the Internet - Maintained by Mathgate .

Mathematical Resources on the Web - Compiled at the University of Florida.

Mathematics Information Servers - Popular directory of math web sites. At Penn State.

Mathematics on the Web - Compiled by the staff of Mathematics Reviews.

Mathematics Resources on the Internet - A catalog of mathematical links, covering most branches of mathematics and a good selection of general math resources.

Mathematics Resources on the Internet - Links by Bruno Kevius. General and by topic.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library - Popular directory of math web sites. At Florida State University.

MathGuide - Directory of on-line mathematics, mainly research literature. At Göttingen, Germany.

Math-Net : Internet Information Services for Mathematicians - Preprints, links, directories. Oriented towards German mathematics but in English.

Math-Net Links - A large collection of mathematical and related links.

Maths and Statistics - Mailing lists maintained by MAILBASE, mainly UK-based educational/research level.

OneList eGroups - Mailing lists in Science/Math (43 topics).

Platonic Realms Math Links Library - Annotated directory of mathematics sites on the Internet.

SciNet Mathematics - Math search engine and directory convering mathematical topics from algebra to statistics.

Start4all - Links to math sites. Biographies, publications, software, subject topics.

Topica Email List Directory - Mathematics (~250 lists).

UniversalClass - Listings of authors, experts, jobs, links, questions, requests and scholarships in mathematics.

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