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Colleges and Universities - Specialized directory of colleges and universities worldwide. - Information on graduate schools offering a Masters degree in Business Administration. Includes help on the application process and financial aid.

All About College - Comprehensive & easy to use directory of colleges and universities throughout the world, including admissions office email addresses.

American Universities and Colleges - Complete listing of all American universities.'s College Finder - Provides personalized list of ideal colleges based on questionnaire. Also allows for side-by-side comparison of colleges of your choosing.

Campus Program - Resource that helps you to decide what to study and find a job.

Campus West - College network with student resources and links to colleges in North America. - Provides high school students with an interactive college life experience.

Central and Eastern Europe Education Directory - A guide to higher education programmes offered by over 1300 universities in Europe, Russia and the newly independent states.

Christian Seminaries and Colleges. - A comprehensive listing of Christian seminaries and colleges.

College Admissions - Allows the user to search for schools they are interested in, then find out what it takes to get accepted. Includes insights into testing, and minimising costs.

College and Career Programs for Deaf Students - Contains a listing of more than 100 postsecondary education programs (in the US and Canada) available to deaf and hard of hearing students.

College and University Homepages - A comprehensive listing of college and university homepages throughout the world.

College Connexion - College and university resources on the internet.

College Specialty Search Engines and Directories - For students and parents. Find the right college and financial aid information.

CollegeBot Search - Features unique web pages of colleges, K-12, and educational resources.

Colleges Colleges - A directory of colleges and universities in the United States. - Select criteria for colleges to help narrow your choices and search for scholarships.

DegreeSearch - Enter keywords to find colleges or universities that offer your requested major. Search by location, program, or institution. - Directory of colleges and universities in Colorado. Access to buy your college textbooks online. - Comprehensive directory of graduate programs worldwide including program descriptions.

Higher Education Institution Registry (HEIR) - An on-line database of addresses for universities and colleges around the world. - Directory of colleges broken down into twelve different categories. - Searchable directory of universities in the world. - A college-based web site that provides college-oriented content, academic resources, scholarship searching, free calendars, email, and instant messaging.

NewsDirectory - Lookup college websites by state. Includes search for related links. - List of New Zealand universites.

Outdoor Network - International directory of colleges that offer outdoor industry-related degrees.

Paralegal Colleges - A directory of colleges offering paralegal programs approved by the American Bar Association. - Business, trade and technical school database covering all 50 states. Users click on the state and training field to find the vocational school of their choice.

ScholarStuff - Links for undergraduate and graduate colleges as well as other college related directories. - A complete 4 year and 2 year school listing, also includes financial aid, resource center, essay help, dictionary, job recruiters, chat, shopping, and free email. - Database of Canadian colleges and universities.

Tree: Educational institutions - Links to .edu domain names and each particular institution's full name. - Searchable database of over 7,500 college and universities.

University Links: State-by-State Listing - Links to many U.S. colleges and universities.

U.S. Colleges - Web sites of U.S. colleges including Puerto Rico listed by state. Includes financial aid information.

US Colleges and Universities - Search through college and university lisings, by state.

U.S. Journal of Academic Options - Directory of U.S. colleges and english language programs for international students.

Web U.S. Universities, by State - A list of regionally-accredited U.S. universities organized by state from the University of Texas.

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