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Academic Info: Chemistry - An annotated directory of Internet resources on Chemistry.

Base Peak - Formerly "Mass Spectrometry on the Internet", an index page of mass spectrometry internet sites including links to mass spectrometry groups, companies, resources, and software.

BioChemLinks: Chemistry - Chemistry educational resources.

ChemDex - A directory of chemistry resources on the WWW, located on the Sheffield chemistry server.

ChemFinder Searching - An index to chemical information on the Internet, with structures and physical properties, searchable by name, structure, CAS Number, and physical properties.

Chemical Resources - Many places to search chemical information in Internet, page held in Columbia.

Chemie.DE - Chemie.DE is an information service for the german chemistry community. It provides search engines for chemistry and various databases for chemical information. - Largest search engine for chemical and allied industry professionals. With more than 35,000 distinct and relevant URLs this is an efficient tool for locating information, products and services.

CHEMINFO: Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University - A superb site. Very useful not only for organic chemist.

Chemistry Collection of Infostead Australia - A comprehensive Australian directory of links for all those with an interest in chemistry.

Chemsoc - Online networks in specialist areas, science, industry and product news, a comprehensive events database, job centre, access to major references, and society resources.

ChemWeb - The World Wide Club for the Chemical Community - Owned by Elsevier. Free access after registration. Features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, books, software, conferences diary and ChemDex+.

Information Retrieval in Chemistry Server - A compendium of chemistry resources by field and by topic.

Medicinal Chemistry Links - A collection of links for chemists and students involved in organic, biochemical, computational, and/or medicinal chemistry research, maintained by Virginia Commonwealth University.

Photocatalysis Central - This web page is an information resource for people working in photocatalysis and related fields.

Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index - Links to freeware, discounted software, free databases, societies, spectroscopy resources, reaction mechanisms and online discussion forums.

SciNet Chemistry - Search engine and directory. Users can rate sites and leave comments.

SciSeek - SciSeek is a great guide to the best the Internet has to offer in the fields of science and nature. Styled like a conventional Internet guide, this service lists Web sites covering subjects from agriculture and forestry to engineering, chemistry, physics and the environment.

Search Engines for Chemists - A listing of popular search engines that may be useful for chemists - a subsection of Links for Chemists.

The Surfactants Virtual Library - The most comprehensive and organized source for surfactant information on the internet. Referenced sites contain information on companies, research centers, researchers, phenomena such as foaming, detergency, micelles, surface tension, emulsions, microemulsions, and applications such as cleaning, cosmetics, environmental remediation, etc. - Online directory for chemistry education in organic, analytical, bio, physical, electro, atmospheric, and several other topics.

WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry - WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry aka ChemPointers at UCLA

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